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ONE TIME CAVIARY NAME REGISTRATION (As long as your membership remains current): Pay a fee of $5.00 for your Caviary name to be "officially" listed in the Sweepstakes and Yearbook. The name must be less than 30 letters, spaces, and punctuation.
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First Year Adult $25/year First Year Adult $ 60/3years
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Renewal Family $25/year Renewal Family $70/3 years
Renewal Youth $ 15/year Renewal Youth $40/3 years
Subscription to JACBA only - $ 20/year
Canadian Members - Please add and additional $ 10/year; $ 30/3 years
Other Foreign Members - Please add an additional $30/year
One-time Caviary Fee - Please add an additional $5
Payment of membership dues includes a subscription to JACBA (Journal of the American Cavy Breeders Association) and enrollment in the ACBA Sweepstakes Contest.
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