ACBA Standing Rules

as of 11/12/2018                                                                                                          Pdf copy available here

Rule #/Month.Year 

1/06.83  Motion carried that all area representatives will be supplied with 25 copies of the “Cavy Fancy” as soon as new ones have printed.  (6/83 Board Meeting)

2/06.83  Motion carried that it be mandatory to hold a youth royalty contest at each ACBA Specialty.  (6/83 Board Meeting)

3/06.83  BOARD INTERPRETATION (6/83) Motion carried that a member has 30 days in which to renew an expired membership, or he will be considered a new member upon renewal.  Points for sweepstakes accumulated prior to renewal do not count.

4/06.83  Motion carried that no one may use the ACBA booth at the ARBA convention to sell items for personal profit.  (6/83 Board Meeting)

5/04.83  Motion made that at an ARBA Convention, the sponsoring cavy club be allowed to share the ACBA booth in return for full coverage in manning the booth.  Approved.  (April 1986 Board Meeting)

6/00.00  Motion carried to require the sponsoring club to offer a BIS award of $5.00 or a trophy of equivalent value when 25 or more are shown.

7/06.83 Motion carried to drop the ARBA/ACBA combination membership.  (6/83 Board Meeting)

8/05.84  No ACBA sanction will be granted during the ACBA Specialty Show within 1000 mile radius.  Motion by Marolyn Briese; seconded by Marlene Smith. (General Membership meeting May 1984.)  ACBA Specialty Show is to be interpreted as the entire weekend (Saturday and Sunday) – Board and General Membership meeting 10/2011.

 9/04.86 Motion carried to send thank you letter for renewals to go out with membership cards.  (April 1986 Board Meeting.)

 10.07.88  President’s Message 5/88  Sweepstakes will no longer have a participation fee as of July 1, 1988.            (Note: Can’t find board or membership vote.)

 11/10.89  Motion was made to add a standing rule that all candidates for office must pay dues through their potential term of office upon submitting their bids.  Passed. (General Membership meeting 10/89)

 12/5.95  deleted 10/00

 13/05.95  The minutes of the previous board meeting approved with the following addition.  That articles, ads, etc. that are endorsements for bids for office must be paid advertisements.  (5/95 Board Meeting)

 14/10.95  Motion made that a fund be set up for youth programs and funded by the ACBA Specialty Show raffle proceeds.  Carried  (10/95 Board Meeting)

 15/10.98  Motion made to send a JACBA to the ARBA office.  Seconded.  Carried. (Board Meeting 10/98)

 16/10.98  A suggestion was made that the board consider sending a JACBA to the ARBA’s Standards Chair.  Motion, seconded, passed.  (Board Meeting 10/98)

 17/10.98  Motion passed to increase sanction fees to $10.00/Open and $8.00/Youth.  (Board Meeting 10/98)  Motion passed to allow late sanctions up to 14 days past the date of show for Double ($20.00/Open and $16.00/Youth) the current sanction fee.  (Board Meeting 10/2011)

18/10.98  Motion passed to charge $5.00 for the Guide Book.  (Board Meeting 10/98)

 19/12.98  Motion passed to increase the Grievance Fee to $200.00.  (Mail Ballot 12/98)

 20/06.99  Motion passed that the ACBA require a deposit of $150.00 from any Specialty Club successfully bidding for an ACBA Specialty Show, plus another $150.00 60 days prior to the show.  These monies to be refunded 90 days after the show provided all required paperwork, both ARBA and ACBA, is completed, awards not given out returned, and the fee of .75/cavy is paid to the ACBA.  (Board Meeting 6/99)

21/06.99  Motion passed that July 1 – June 30 as our fiscal year.  (Board Meeting 6/99)

22/10.99  Motion passed to set the Harry Claus’ “Cavy Genetics” price at $5.00.  (Board Meeting 10/99) Price corrected to $6 per copy after genetics book, affirmed. (Board Meeting 10/15)

23/10.99  Motion passed to increase dues $5.00 for Adult, Youth and Family memberships as of January 1, 2000.   (Board Meeting 10/99)

 24/10.99  BOARD INTERPRETATION:  Family Membership:  Up to two adults residing at the same address and any and all minors residing at the same address, who haven’t reached their 19th birthday.  (Board Meeting 10/99)

 25/10.99  Motion passed all escrow funds in the General Account to be transferred to a Money Market Account. (Board Meeting 10/99) 

 26/06.00  BOARD DECISION:  On Medical advice.  The board affirmed an earlier decision to leave the decision of the editor of whether or not to publish articles with medical advice or any other article.  (Board Meeting 6/00)

 27/10.00  Mary Anne moved to reduce the cost of non-reproduced JACBA’s and Yearbooks (as long as copies were on hand) be reduced to $3.00 plus postage; seconded by Sharon.  Motion carried

 28/10.00  Jere Price moved to title the cavy selected 2nd to the Best In Show cavy, out of the Best of Breed cavies, Reserve and amend the Master Breeders Program to allow the points previously awarded to “Reserve In Show” to “Reserve”; seconded by Judy Ingersoll.  Yes 49 Opposed 3         Abstain 1.  Motion carried (General Membership Meeting 10/00)

 29/10.00  After discussing the incident involving the sales room at this convention, Teri moved not to use the ACBA's name in connection with a sales area at any time; seconded by Lisa.  Motion carried (Board Meeting 10.00)

 30/05.14  After discussion on our ongoing attention to fiscal responsibility, it was moved that any proposed expenditures of over $500 need board approval before proceeding. Motion Carried.

 31/11.15  Sweepstakes Committee proposed that they not produce “first quarter” results for the Fall JACBA, reasoning the Final results for the previous year are already in that issue and the first “quarter” only includes two possible months and gives a poor representation of quarterly results. Peg Hailey moved to accept, Jim Hupp seconded, motion carried. (Board meeting 11.15)

 32/06.16  We will continue our membership poll for convention judges but to have the board review the poll results and also give some input if there is an upcoming judge that we feel should have the opportunity to judge convention. The board would vote on a list and the secretary-treasurer would then contact those people to see if they are available and willing to judge. This would be done within one week of the results being made available. We would essentially be hiring the judges like virtually every other specialty club does. A chart should be kept of who judges what at each convention, that way no one judge would be judging the same breed over and over. This chart would be kept by the secretary-treasurer. Motion carried (electronic vote 06/24/16)