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ONE TIME CAVIARY NAME REGISTRATION (As long as your membership remains current): Pay a fee of $5.00 for your Caviary name to be "officially" listed in the Sweepstakes and Yearbook. The name must be less than 30 letters, spaces, and punctuation.
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First Year Adult $25/year First Year Adult $ 60/3years
First Year Family $30/year First Year Family $75/3 years
First Year Youth $20/year First Year Youth $45/3 years
Renewal Adult $ 20/year Renewal Adult $ 55/3years
Renewal Family $25/year Renewal Family $70/3 years
Renewal Youth $ 15/year Renewal Youth $40/3 years
Subscription to JACBA only - $ 20/year
Canadian Members - Please add and additional $ 5/year; $ 15/3 years
Other Foreign Members - Please add an additional $20/year
One-time Caviary Fee - Please add an additional $5
Payment of membership dues includes a subscription to JACBA (Journal of the American Cavy Breeders Association).
Notice of Intention (Sweepstakes Participation)

The ACBA Sweepstakes program is open to all ACBA members in good standing. Members may elect to enroll in the program upon joining the ACBA and upon membership renewal. Enrollment in the program will last for the valid dates of membership. Upon renewal, a member must reaffirm his or her interest in participation. In order to ensure participation in the full season, a participant's membership must be active on July 1st and remain active throughout the season. No points will be accrued during a lapse of membership. An active member who wishes to participate mid-membership must do so in writing to the ACBA secretary or submit an early membership renewal form. Submit a separate form for each exhibitor, or use one form for exhibitors showing together. You must be an ACBA member at the time of each show to receive points.

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Check/Money Order (Payable to ACBA) Reed Tibbetts, ACBA Secretary
470 San Remo Dr., Princeton, TX 75407
NOTE: PayPal is the preferred method. You may have a delay in your membership.